Chris Jusell plays the violin. He joined the second violin section of the North Carolina Symphony in September 2023, and is also the Principal Second violinist of the Philadelphia Ballet orchestra and Assistant Principal Second of the Central City Opera orchestra in Colorado. He has played the violin for most of his life and still thinks it’s fun.

He also plays non-classical music, like touring with Nathaniel Rateliff, recording for Rosalía, Lizzo, and Silk Sonic, and playing in an ambient jazz quartet with three friends called Fuubutsushi, recording and releasing five albums during the pandemic. He can put together a group for any event you might have, as well as arranging any special music you might want.

Speaking of which, Chris also arranges music, for groups small and large, instrumentally homogenous and mixed. He has a lot of experience doing that for various ensembles and various ability levels. Please visit the Arrangement page for more info and for samples of his work.

Chris also teaches kids and adults how to play the violin, and conducted a youth orchestra in the mountains of Colorado for five years. Please Contact him with any inquiries about potential violin lessons or conducting.

Chris also makes and restores furniture, mixes and drinks cocktails, bakes, draws, reads, watches too much TV, is very confident in his driving ability, and is almost as confident in his memorization of all the two-letter Scrabble words.